Trekking in Puglia

Discover Puglia’s secret corners while staying fit. We offer walking and trekking opportunities of various kinds and levels based on an accurate knowledge of the area and a soilid experience in the field.
We organize half-day walking tours including a tasting or a lunch with typical Pugliese cuisines.

River Morello and Lamacornola – BR. The Romans once sailed here and hermits prayed nearby. Nowadays you will find farmers cultivating the land. You will cross these nature paths and experience its picturesque charm as it existed ages ago. Further down the path, you will discover a parallel blade of land which connects to the river Morello. You will discover its rich natural vegetations across magnificent olive trees.

The walking path starts to incline along the Lamacornola karstic groove. It is known for its ancient rocky villages and the vestiges of prehistoric civilizations.
Then a descent to the dry Morello riverbeds. In addition to the karst and paleontological evidence of undoubted charm, the riverbed is also marked by signs of human presence. Our walk ends by the sea between the shorelines and the marvelous dunes on which ancient juniper trees and fragrant myrtles grow.

Departure altitude: 0 m above sea level, maximum height: 37 m; time: 4 hours including stops. At the end of the hiking trip you will have the opportunity to swim in the Adriatic Sea.

  1. Biagio and S. Oronzo in the Murge – BR: In search of the sacred
    and the profane. The trails are mixed with mostly smooth but some rough and
    rocky stretches. The vegetation is charming with a mix of native species and wild fruits. In the heart of the trail there are three focal points: a retreat, a sanctuary and a cave radiating vibrant energy.

From the plains of Ostuni (with its splendid fortified farms and twisted trees) we hike up to where the Murgia hills meet the charming expressions of natural vegetation set among the limestone cliffs overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Once there we proceed to the sanctuary of Saint Biagio where some caves and rock shelters have become a rupestrian village. We then proceed to the other Ostuni shrine: St. Oronzo. It is still visited by pilgrims today in search of his miraculous source. Along ancient roads we then move towards the cave of Agnano. It provides us with evidence of ancient human history. Along a stretch of a major Messapian road network we are finally back to the starting point.

Departure altitude: 110 m above sea level, maximum height: 296 m above sea level. Minimum duration of the excursion: 3 hours, including stops. Maximum duration 6 hours.

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