Saint Joseph’s Bonfires

On March 19th, on the occasion of the Feast of St. Joseph, the Puglia will shine with its devotional bonfires, lit in many countries of the region. An ancient pagan ritual celebrated on the arrival of spring and invoked the good year for harvesting in the fields, only later became a religious festival dedicated to the Saint.

This anniversary, is very spiritual, is still a time of important aggregation and socialization.

There are many who are particularly happy in this day because, on March 19, in Italy, we celebrate Father’s Day. On this occasion the children, with the help of the teachers, they ingeniously to devote to their fathers, poems, drawings, chores and handmade greeting cards.

Not to be missed, in the countries of Brindisi, Taranto and Lecce, “The Taule of St. Joseph,” or long tables in honor of St. Joseph, rich of different and typical dishes: “vermiceddhri” (pasta with cabbage), fried fish, the “zeppole” (like sweets donuts), bread, fennel, oranges and more.

The succulent meal is consumed by March 19 for lunch “saints”, that are friends and relatives of the families who have laden table. The saints must represent St. Joseph, baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary, and so should be dine at least three people and a maximum of thirteen, always an odd number!

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