Holidays in Apulia

A tour from north to south, everything you should see!

If you have decided to spend your holidays in Apulia this year, some advice about places to go and things to visit can be helpful to not miss the beauties of this sunny and unique region of South Italy.

Apulia, due to its position, surrounded by two thirds of sea, is famous for its beaches, undisputed destinations for summer holidays. The coastline isn’t all uniform: there are sheer drops from the cliff to the sea, sea stacks, caves, inlets and beautiful sandy beaches; even though, a quick visit to the backcountry it’s worth too, in order to explore forests, valleys and small historical villages.

To reach Apulia you can easily get to the city of Bari by plane. But do not escape too quickly from this city, as you can’t miss the delicious focaccia of Bari, a long walk on the seafront and then getting lost in the small paths of the historical centre to the Basilica of Saint Nicholas; you’ll be surprised.


Itinerary for the North

From Bari to the northern part of Apulia, the perfect thing if you want to find out the hidden treasures of the region apart from the common touristic destinations.

Travelling north from the coast of Bari, you will arrive in Trani. A wonderful city of fishermen which is rich of fancy fish restaurants and bars for the night and steeped in the charm of the most beautiful sea towns.

From here, always going north, you will find the stunning area of Gargano. Start from Monte Sant’Angelo and then go to the characteristic small town of Vico del Gargano, regarded as one of the most beautiful small towns of Italy, and after explore Vieste, Peschici, Rodi and the beaches of the area. We suggest you Baia della Zaiana, Spiaggia di Vignanotica and the popular Baia delle Zagare and, if you are lucky enough, you can watch the fishing old machine called ‘trabocco’ at work.

Carrying on with the journey, explore the Natural Reservation of Foresta Umbra, a place which offers uncontaminated nature for long horse rides or bike rides.

In the open sea, there are the Tremiti Isles, a protected sea area which has been several times Blue
Flag for its sea beauty and quality.

Once back to the peninsula, you can visit Troia and Orsara and the whole area of the Dauni Mountains, where nature mixes with the rural charm of the past.


Itinerary for the South

From Bari to the southern part of Apulia, the perfect thing to relax in the countryside and enjoy the seaside.
From Bari, you only have to go for a few kilometres down south to reach Polignano, one of the finest places of all Apulia. With its terraces overhanging on the sea, its poems written everywhere in the historical centre, its breath-taking views, it’s a place you can’t absolutely miss.


Keeping going south, you’ll find Monopoli, less known than Polignano, but here a stop is required for its adorable historical centre, the hidden little coves and the excellent restaurants.
Continuing towards the hills you’ll find Alberobello, a must-see. A unique landscape in the world which is dominated by trulli. And regarding trulli, a holiday in a trullo is a perfect way to learn and live Apulian traditions, have a look at our enchanting trulli with a swimming pool.

You have to see also the wonderful Valle d’Itria. An area outside time, with its farms, its wine-and-food tradition and its many trulli, all things you’ll meet along the path. To visit: Cisternino, Locorotondo, Martina Franca and Ceglie Messapica.

Going more to south, there is Ostuni, a real gem, which is well-known to tourists as the “white city”, a jewel of collection to not miss for its uniqueness of both landscape and historical centre.

For a glimpse of Salento we recommend you to visit Lecce and Porto Cesareo, one of the most important seaside location of Salento.

An unusual destination that we love is Grottaglie. Include it in your itinerary for its ceramics district where tradition and street art are mixed together.

Laterza is an ideal detour for small characteristic villages and unpolluted nature lovers. Here you’ll find the outstanding Ravine of Laterza, one of the deepest and most extraordinary ravines in Europe.

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    Goodday, One of my dreams for the last 5 years is to vissit Puglia area. We gonna first go to Greece for 2 weeks we are going to land in Rome from Athens. We only have 4 nights spending time in Puglia area. I need some advice is it easy to take a train from Rome to Bari and how long does it take? Another question we are a family with 4 children. Must we use 1 place as a base and travel from there to experience the region or sleep every night in a different town. Please advice what will be the best. We fly from Rome to Nice after that 4 days. We also need a place to stay for that 4 days. Dates are from the 17th to the 21 of July. Please advice. Looking forward to hear from you. Kind Regards Este Smit

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